Never let uncertainty in life affect your mind! Lockdown is universal. Wise people always look for opportunities and positives at the time of pain. Keeping calm in this tough phase is the most important. In addition to
That Here are the list of things that you can do during this lockdown

Set up your workflow
You may have been working for years , but probably never had a proper workflow or communication. Create your process from pre planning to delivery and prepare the list of things to be done in every stage of your process and document it. This will help you be more organised when you bounce back

Do you have all the database from the time you started your business? If not start creating the database and you will be stunned to know the number of lives you have made an impact
Touch base with your clients
They can be your existing clients, or old clients, you can show them you care. Send them a personal message and make sure they are doing fine.

The most crucial part. List down the areas you think you can improve and always wanted to learn and make a timetable to get it completed. Never give yourself any excuse. Learning is a continuous process

If you have your camera with you, take them and use them at least 30minutes a day. Click anything you like , just explore. This relaxes your mind, after all it is something that we most love to do, don’t we?

Socially active
You may not be doing shoots, but does not mean you have to stay away from you profile and pages. You can share your old works, share content, create interesting contest and keep reminding your audience you are focussed. Make all possible noise so when things get back to normal you will be the most remembered.
Don’t look around
Never see your fellow photographers as competitors and never get demotivated by what they are doing. Always seek help if you need. Coming together and synergising with others will help. You can look up to successful photographers, and get inspired but also remember If others can do, you can also do.

Create the list of things you want to do and keep moving. Uncheck your check list as you finish. Some may bring you good outcome, some may not but you will always learn. There is nothing worst to happen . Heads up and keep doing what you wish to do.

You may be a beginner or an intermediate , these are the things that will help you when you restart. Don’t be clueless on how to move forward. Make your own way and shine. Sharpen your skills and get back with more confidence. All the best!

Ahaana Photography is in a mission to create thousands of newborn photographers by helping them learn, unlearn and earn by doing what they love. Reach us if you are looking to start or scale up your newborn photography career Let us grow together, stronger!