My photography career started with weddings. Im a wedding photographer turned out child photographer as i found my love for babies increased over time and I found immense happiness in handling children. Im sure that was not the case years before when i stepped into photography. I always thought newborn photography as a career was not for me until i realised my life’s purpose was to be a newborn photographer. I really understood child photography is not easy or a cake walk. You should posses a lot of qualities for being a child photographer or a newborn photographer apart from being strong in photography. 
Being Patient
With time and experience we definitely become better at this. Life sometimes also teaches us how to be patient. Im not a very composed person when i started off with my photography career. But with experience and maturity, i started being very patient. Life indeed teach us a lot of lessons and one of which i learnt is being patient and that really helped me in my shift from being a wedding photographer to newborn photographer.
You need to be extremely patient when you are handling kids. You have to wait for the moment. Babies cry, Babies get cranky, kids are always kids. You cant make them understand. But you can understand what they are trying to communicate. If you are someone who can not be patient, newborn photography is not for you. 
Being happy and Positive
Seeing things always in the most positive way is crucial. It is either the kids keep you happy and positive or they reflect you. Kids mostly reflect you. If you are moody, if you are closed to yourself and if you are filled with negative emotions, it is not really easy to handle kids. They can read you. You need to be really happy to keep them happy. Baby photography is all about the positive vibes that you create along with the babies. Complaining mindset is not right if you want to start off your career in newborn photography. If you are someone who is not happy, newborn photography or baby photography is not for you. But remember you can be happy by becoming a baby photographer.
Being a KID
This is more important. Are you ready to act like a kid and do all stuffs that may look stupid otherwise? Are you ready to get down to their level and do all sort of things to make them smile? Losing your self, the professional image you may have and getting into the shoes of the kids you are dealing with is very important. You become their friends to get the best out of them. Being a kid after you are grown up so much is a blessing in disguise and not everyone get a chance to become a kid. So if you love being there, you can definitely become an amazing baby photographer.
Learning camera , and technicalities involved in photography is truly possible and can happen really quick. But when it comes to baby photography it is not only about knowing the camera settings but also about knowing the baby and studying their behaviour. If you have love for kids , do not wait, you can start off your career in baby photography. Trust me, if you choose this genre of photography, everyday becomes a celebration.
If you are getting into photography as your career and looking for guidance feel free to reach us. We will be happy to help you in all aspects be it business, art or craft.