Newborn online workshop INTENSIVE in Tamil

A certified course

Are you an aspiring baby photographer and looking to learn the nuances of baby photography? Introducing online workshop to learn at the comfort of home. Learn from anywhere.

In this online workshop, Sharadha Gopalakrishnan takes you on a 360 degree ride to explain everything about newborn photography. Right from safety to editing the picture to make it picture perfect to getting the best clients for you, everything is taught.

How it works

This 10 days long workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn from anywhere. Pre recorded videos explaining everything in detail will be shared everyday and a live Q and A on zoom will be done with sharadha gopalakrishnan after completing 10days session


What it covers

1) Basics of Photography – A quick brush up on all the basics you should know as a newborn photographer
2) Introduction to lighting – Natural lighting & Artificial lighting
Lighting changes your picture and takes it to the next level. As a baby Photographer it’s important to know what light and shadows do to the image. An in-depth knowledge on lighting will be transferred
3) Introduction to newborn Photography – Newborn behaviour and their safety
4) How to be creative – Designing the set from scratch. How to style, what prop to use, what goes inside the props will be taught. For a perfect shot, understanding color and color theory
5) Setup 1 – Working with real baby with Heart prop , natural lighting
6) Setup 2 – Working with real baby , bum up pose on a prop
7) Setup 3 – working with real baby , posing mom and son
8) Setup 4 – Working with real baby , artificial lighting, baby in the prop
9) Setup 5 – Working with real baby, artificial lighting, baby in Bamboo basket
10) How to get it right in the camera – Composition and Flattering angles
11) Editing – Must know editing workflows –
12) Branding and Marketing – How to scale up your business
13) Handling client – Pre and Post shoot , and the workflow I follow
14) Post Production – 1 picture edited to perfection , from start to end
15) How I built 20k followers from 2000 followers


Not just with that , you get more.

1) Business behind baby photography – Right from how to setup your business, home studio to how to price your product every tiny nuances of business is covered. It also includes Email templates, Social media calendar, Excel sheets, & Terms and conditions
2. Wrapping Techniques – 14+ different types of wrapping videos using standin baby
3. BEAN BAG POSE – 2-3 variations of bean bag poses with real baby
4. Setup with real baby – Big moon prop and bucket prop
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Enrolling to this workshop will be a game changer. It will help you grow from where you are and reach new heights. A complete guide that will be available in an easily accessible format for all the rest of your life.

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Kindly note: The workshop is taught in Tamil. The payment made is non refundable