Introduction Of Solids – What, Why And How?

At Ahaana photography, we not only create memories through our photographs but also walk along with you in this beautiful journey of parenting through a series of posts covering everything from bump to baby. This blog is all about the million-dollar question of when, what and how to introduce solids to your baby. The only […]

What does a newborn need?

If you have reached till here , congratulations! Congratulations on entering the parenting game. It truly is going to be an adventurous ride! While it is an exciting phase in itself , it can get overwhelming on many days! This also happens when you start shopping for your to be born baby. The options in […]

Pathiya saapdu – Should you or should you not?

Whether to have ‘pathiya saapadu’ (a special diet followed in the postpartum period) or not is a major discussion in every household! While the doctors or lactation consultants do not place any restrictions on the kind of food to be consumed, the elders at home have a different tale to tell. While this isn’t mandatory, […]


The 4th Trimester , The Battle between being you and being a parent!  Congratulations you just had a baby!! Feeling happy at the same time overwhelmed with emotions? Want to scream and cry but suddenly realized you are ‘the Mom’, wish to sleep for entire two days but can’t get enough to even close eyes […]

Labor and Delivery Preparation

    The feeling of butterflies tickling in the tummy , want to attempt to know how your feet looks but failed, thoughts of missing the bump and also waiting to hold the little miracle in your hands, prepping the entire house from cribs to Hospital bags, being anxious, scared, happy, confused, excited, surprised and […]

Hospital bag for mothers

Pregnancy journey is so beautiful with those cute bump shots, feeling of a heart beating inside you, those small and sometimes huge kicks and rolls you feel for a whole of 9 months there comes the final few weeks of Nesting. A phase where you are cleaning, prepping up and under a shopping spree for […]

Daddy, You are pregnant too!

For a mother, its a very natural process to bond with the unborn miracle inside us right from day 1 of pregnancy. We get pampered with all the love from family, we eat healthy, we take care of every little thing to protect the little one. What about our Partner?? Do they know all of […]

Are you trying to conceive?

You decide it’s time to expand your family by two feet, you meet a doctor, get physically fit, eat rich diet, take adequate rest and try to be happy. Is this all that is needed to conceive the little miracles?? Are you really prepared?  The one common advice you get from people around is, ” […]

What a photographer can do during this lockdown?

Never let uncertainty in life affect your mind! Lockdown is universal. Wise people always look for opportunities and positives at the time of pain. Keeping calm in this tough phase is the most important. In addition toThat Here are the list of things that you can do during this lockdown Set up your workflow You […]


  My photography career started with weddings. Im a wedding photographer turned out child photographer as i found my love for babies increased over time and I found immense happiness in handling children. Im sure that was not the case years before when i stepped into photography. I always thought newborn photography as a career […]