Blah blah

Blah Blah land” is nothing but the land of your little one, more of their everyday life! While we do all planning for shoots with fancy props, i thought and wanted something really raw without much of drama.. ( i indeed love shoots with props as well ) however this is something i feel the little ones will connect with as they grow.. watch out the link for more pictures

“blah-blah land” concept works well for grown kids, capturing their bond and love with their time with family! If you are looking for something to cherish for the years to come, reach out to me!

watch out the link and do let me know if this is refreshing after seeing a lot of baby shoots with props !

Dads role

Dads play a crucial role in supporting new mothers during the postpartum period. This time can be physically and emotionally challenging for mothers, so having a supportive partner can make a...