What is a child if not a blessing? This naughty miracle is one too. Forged by a resilient mother and a saviour father. Born to receive all the love that is to be demanded with the shrill voice and mesmerizing eyes. When i pitched the idea of capturing a day with Daanvi, the concept of expressing Daanvi’s world through photos, her mother was excited and thrilled. Unlike the regular shoot with all props and setting, I arrived at their home early one morning, even before Daanvi woke up to get the best of ‘A day with Daanvi’.

The ‘blah-blah’ world of a child is filled with wonder and infectious joy and no one is immune to it. The world of Daanvi had the parents turn into jesters, the grandparents into playmates and the world a lot more colourful.The moment she saw all is set for her to dazzle, she put on her game face. All those cute expressions imitating the poses and the giggles whenever she intentionally goofed it up made my day. While taking her pics at home I can’t help but imagine her as this small powerful queen sitting in her throne, one leg bent like a softer cuter rajamatha, going about her everyday duties of stalling refusing to eat, playing, finding new distractions, analysing new-found objects while the entire family served to her every needs worshipping the place she sits. The child in the grandparents peeked every now and then while tending the playful bundle of joy. The sense of pride on her face in making her dad dress her up with so much caution, a feat on its own, is just priceless. Never knew he has camouflage ability until she stood among the stuffed toys. The mother revisiting her childhood in her eyes and the strength she derives while holding her as she sleeps is worth the motherhood hassles.

Irrespective of the troubles bringing up a child can throw at you, these pictures and every moment in it are the jewel drops of a time frozen in print that can never come back but visited and cherished for a lifetime. It was the night when i was finally done and I enjoyed the day as much as they did. I am absolutely sure Daanvi will love seeing the pics again and again through time growing up. She is a fresh leash of life blessing, hope, love and a positive tomorrow not just for the mother and the family but for the life in itself