You decide it’s time to expand your family by two feet, you meet a doctor, get physically fit, eat rich diet, take adequate rest and try to be happy. Is this all that is needed to conceive the little miracles?? Are you really prepared? 
The one common advice you get from people around is, ” Just relax, stay calm, it will happen when its time”. Same people ask you every month and also compare with every other new parents in the circle and never let you relax in peace!!
The thought of extending the family, increased responsibilities, physical changes, handling the pregnancy, coping the labor and bringing up a child sends shivers in every Couple, especially women. Researches show that psychological stress experienced by women while Trying to conceive (TTC) is equal to high risk illness. There are various factors that affects your chances to get conceived, but let’s understand about the unspoken or last considered  factor, your MENTAL HEALTH! 
Month after month, tests after tests when the two red lines in test does not show up every couple shatters. The anxiousness creeps in, your self confidence breaks(especially in a society like ours, the question echoes, when are you giving the good news?, did you meet a doctor? ) , causing stress in subconscious mind. We as women are told not to talk about it to anyone, we survive with a fear of being judged or being labelled even by near and dear ones this increases anxiety & stress in us every single day. 
The only way you can help yourself cope up the anxiety and stress is ACKNOWLEDGE THE FEELING AND IDENTIFY the things that gives you stress, by doing so you can ignore, stay away and indulge in something that gives you actual happiness and let’s you relax. 
How can that be done?? 
Firstly, Stop suffering in silence and blaming yourself
Talk about it to your partner first, sometimes they may be stressed as well.
Share to a friend (best option)
Talk to a family or relative ( think and choose the person)
Various supports groups are available now, join them and speak out.,lead the tribe 
If required, seek medical help! 
When you feel guilty or scared of being judged, ask yourself these questions
What are you feeling guilty for? That feeling was yours or someone else’s? Was this done for you or for others? Are you living for the expectations of others? Trust me answering some questions like these helps in understanding the emotions and work against it. Ultimately it’s the fear that you have to bring out and mostly it’s caused external. 
From me to you : 
Every woman dreams to build a beautiful womb experience for the little one . YOUR WOMB SPACE IS BUILD THROUGH YOUR THOUGHTS!! Trust me your thoughts are stronger than you can imagine, you deserve to talk about it, don’t try to conceive because someone else wanted you to, taking time to, delayed pregnancy /miscarriage is surely not because of you and doesn’t make you any less mother. If you are one who is TTC, take a deep breathe, check if you are mentally ready, Change your focus to what gives you real happiness, align your thoughts and visualize what you want, believe in you. If you have a friend/sister/relative or any couple who is trying to conceive, just call them and ask if they need to talk! 
Let’s raise a future generation that’s emotionally strong too and it begins even before their birth through a mother’s thoughts!! – Credits Nivedha
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