For a mother, its a very natural process to bond with the unborn miracle inside us right from day 1 of pregnancy. We get pampered with all the love from family, we eat healthy, we take care of every little thing to protect the little one. What about our Partner?? Do they know all of these, can they understand what women undergoes during pregnancy and get connected spontaneously with the baby, well there are many dads like that, but majority have a fear in them as will they be a better FATHER? Can they be responsible enough to raise one, will they be able to financially support their future and much more. 
They do not show these outside, but many start thinking about this from the day they know they are pregnant. They also end up being a punch bag for their wife’s pregnancy hormones, in the end they stand confused as to not knowing what to do. 
In Indian context many men are not made to know all this in purpose by our older generation thinking that its only for women, but the trend is slowly changing as many are coming forward to know what happens to women during pregnancy and how can they help and support. They have all the right, dont they? 
And an emotionally supportive husband plays a very important role in making the pregnancy journey much more pleasant and enjoyable.
How do you mentally prepare them about Pregnancy & help them bond with baby?
Firstly, pregnancy is not only for mothers, it involves fathers too, they have all the right to know what you are Going  through  TALK & SHARE, don’t assume they know, trust me many men do not know as they might not have heard these from their mom’s, sisters or friends. 
In reality many think that their role starts only after the baby is born, its not their fault but that thought has to be changed. The bonding of the child with dad begins from when the baby is in womb. 
Mood swings are REAL!! Prepare them early so that they dont freak out when you start crying at the middle of the night as you couldn’t eat your favourite ice cream. 
Around 4 months baby will be able to hear the first sounds in your womb, make daddy talk, tell stories or sing songs. Trust me the baby is listening, once they are born they will respond to dad’s voice immediately, I have experienced that.
When you feel the first kicks, make them feel it too. The happiness you will see in their face is unmatchable. Tell each day how your baby is growing, if possible install an baby growth app in their phone too that sends them pictures of baby’s growth, it helps them stay connected if they are away from you. 
Give them some comforting words, we mom’s think about the emotional growth of the child while dads stress about the financial savings & responsibilities for the child. Comfort them and together it can be Won. 
OXYTOXIN is a hormone in women that helps in the bonding with their baby & helps in lactation too. Researches have proved that the same hormones increase in men when they nurture the little one and helps them build emotional connect with the child. 
Take them  to every checkups and scans and let them discuss with doctors., understand from them about every trimester changes and growth that a women’s body undergoes while being pregnant. 
There are lot of pregnancy, labor classes available. Enroll them along with you, if they see few other dad’s too, they will feel little more comfortable in knowing about the process and opening up. 
From me to you :
These are only few things that you can prepare them earlier, but every men has a mother inside them that doesn’t come until they have their  little one to call them Daddy! Men are made like that saying they shouldn’t cry., they shouldn’t express their emotions etc. Just have them in the labor room and the tears you will see in their eyes is the real emotion that comes out. They love your little one as much as you do, some express some don’t. But making them aware of what mental support you need during pregnancy can help you both to sail through it peacefully to receive the little miracle and Raise him /her together. Credits – Nivedha
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